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Kaippullies Communications has been promoted to provide accurate and candid reporting using innovative digital tools which in turn creates successful publications to deliver excellent communications.

Kaippullies Communication respect the dignity and rights of every person in all circumstance. It pays special attention to each person’s privacy and confidentiality, to have their opinions heard, to participate in decision making which affects them and to be safeguarded from harm and retribution.

What We Do

We protect the interests of each and every individual over any consideration, including advocacy / support for any political / monetary / business benefits.

We respect the public’s right to truthful information which is one of the main pillars of media movement.This is where we, Kaippullies Communication, comes into the picture – to hold aloft the torch of rightful information and communication for the benefit of the general public.

Our communications or information are based on our actions which include research, record, question, entertain and suggest. The main pillars on which Kaippullies Communications carry out / engage in the activities are:

  • Honesty
  • Fairness
  • Independence
  • Respect for other’s rights

Our Motto

In the current scenario, what we can see is that the media is usually very vocal for a particular political outfit or community. Many a times, we have seen our print / visual media being owned and controlled by political moguls / monarchs.

These media and their outreach is then used to promote the interests of the controllers – may be political / religious. The above situation is very common not only in our country but also in the whole world.

We have seen many revolutions take place in this world due to the suppression of media and our basic rights of communication.

Kaippullies Communication is working on breaking the shackles placed on the media at various levels. It is planning and working to take the whole world by storm – revolutionize the media, both visual and print.

Kaippullies Communications wants to establish a medium / platform for “Free and Impartial Communication” without any political or religious obligations. We want the people to receive actual and truthful information based on facts and figures.

Our slogan is –

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