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“Everything depends on eligibility, eligibility depends on education, education means REAL education not only academic education.” This is the education mantra, innovated and delivered by our CMD, Dr. Praveen K.P.

Change doesn’t happen easy. It takes consistent dedication before any progress is seen. Dr. Praveen K.P, believes through his real education system he has the ability to change while turning concepts into reality. We are focusing on Real Education, a lack of which is the basic reason for many of our educated citizens not reaching up to their potential. We should regret to say that even after so many years of achieving our Independence from the colonial rule, India is still a developing nation. With a great number of resources available at our disposal, we are yet to achieve the dream or status that our freedom fighters have seen or wanted.

The hindrance is lack of Real Education. We are here to provide Real Education, which helps them to create a platform to make their own career in their areas of interest and expertise.The curriculum is built and implemented in such a way that each and every student is able to reach up to their maximum potential and deliver the goods that are expected of them. Academic education coupled with Real Education – a complete education system which will uplift the capabilities and strengths of the citizens, which will in turn uplift and develop the country as a whole.

The Number one recognized, innovative PR²E System, derived by Dr. Praveen KP has also derived the innovative concept of Life Doctor which defines the principle of Life for this Generation and Generations to come. His PR²E( Praveen Rana  Real Education System), Conceptualized the steps involved in the right direction.

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Safe and Strong Academy focuses on Practical Education System. The quality of our practical and technical skill development depends on adequate resourcing, confident and complete teaching.

We are providing a caring and well-structured learning environment. Safe and Strong Academy promotes high standard achievements for all and also empower all students to apply their skills and knowledge, to rely upon their chosen educational goals.

Safe and Strong Academy will be establishing their centers all around the world to provide education through this revolutionary method which is the need of the hour. 

We can see currently a lot of professionals are being churned out year after year who neither contributes anything to the economy nor is capable of performing their duties. In the current scenario, we are facing two types of unemployed youths – educated and uneducated. The only solution to this problem is “Practical Based Education System”. Basically education system in India needs substantial improvement.

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