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Dr.Praveen K.P

The last couple of decades has been a roller coaster ride with lots of Experience. What kept me going thru the decade was the blessings and support of my loved ones including my SSBC family which has stood with me in all situations and Decisions. Request each and every one to continue with the same so that I can draw upon all the confidence, courage and zeal required to pursue the target that I have seen with you all – becoming the uno number company in India.

What my experience has taught me is that Business is the best way to build an individual or a country. In the current world, where inventions and discoveries are being carried each second, there are multiple opportunities and ways to increase our financial value and thus improve our and our countries life and standard of living.



But, even though this scenario is present, what stops us from achieving our goals?  The answer is – aversion to taking a risk in our life.  What I believe and I say out loud is that “LIFE IS A GAME, PLAY WELL”

I run my business and life on the principle of “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.  Terms and Conditions Apply.

So what I am aiming through the Safe and Strong Business Group is an equal playing field for one and all to multiply their finance value, better their living conditions and cut the path for our country, INDIA, to become the number one in the world.

In this endeavor, I request upon one and all to extend their support, blessings and prayers in the same fervor that has so far been there in order to achieve our dreams,
As said by our Honorable former President, Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam sir – “Dreams seen with closed eyes do not have any value, dreams that do not allow you to sleep are the ones to be followed”.

I am following my dream seen with open eyes.  
Come, join me and achieve the dream.

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