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Life Doctor Feb 26, 2021

An essential thing now a days, especially for the future generation to understand the concepts of basic living and success with terms to life.  
We always approach and have a person correcting us and advising us when it comes to physical or mental requirements, whom we call as “DOCTOR”.  So what about life? A correct question asked by Dr. Praveen K.P.

Various responses and questions has been received since this program has been aired in the channel.  The answers have been provided personally through personal messages and public answers.

Prevention is better than cure, already proved.  So here comes LIFE DOCTOR to prevent the illness that can enter into your life.

From time to time we think of success or doing what we love as an end, like its some destination that we have to reach.  What so many people failed to discern is that both of these terms is an outlook towards the journey and not a conclusion of the journey.

In “Life Doctor”, Dr. Praveen K.P. is stating that unless and until you discover and reveal those life principles and embrace your journey, you will never actually reach the status of being fruitful in the sense that you are learning and growing effortlessly and becoming a better version of yourself.
A realistic insights on life – follow “LIFE DOCTOR”


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