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Safe and Strong Business Consultants Pvt Ltd, a Group of Companies having more than 51 years of heritage, was registered in 2015 in Thrissur Dist., Kerala, India.  The foundation stone for the same had been laid years back when the father of our CMD had ventured out on his own into the unheralded field of own construction business.
The thirst for thriving in this unsparing world and to become the uno number company was nurtured during the early  days of our Chairman and Managing Director – Dr. Praveen K.P, an Inborn business tycoon.
Currently the Group has been able to diversify its business interest into different and community relevant industries, has been able to provide employment to “N” number of persons and is on the way to develop the nation based on the path of conducting Business through transparency as well as ethics.
This foray and success has been possible entirely due to the diligence and hard work of our Chairman and Managing Director Dr. Praveen K.P.  He brought out the Real Education System through which he wanted his peers to develop the habit of thoughtfulness which can build up traits that are essential for every global citizen.  He developed a passion for tailoring education according to the individual needs.  He is all about learning, innovation, research, testing and normalizing out of bound ways of doing things and tries to address the root cause of any problem.
The Number one recognized, innovative PR²E System, derived by Dr. Praveen Kp has also derived the innovative concept of Life Doctor which defines the principle of Life for this Generation and Generations to come. His PR²E( Praveen Rana  Real Education System), Conceptualized the steps involved in the right direction.
He Received Young Entrepreneur Award from the Governor, Mr. Arif Muhammed Khan on 2019.A vast experience coupled with strong will power is the hallmark of Dr. Praveen K.P.  his march into the world’s darkest alleys is continuing in the best of forms. An Industrialist, Philanthropist, Dr. Praveen K.P. is capable of making India the number one country in the world.  He is truly a living example who has shown that nothing is unachievable.  He has bounced back harder every time with a never give up attitude.  A broad sense of patriotism, a genius and multi-talented person, a motivator, a leader, Dr. Praveen K.P., a mesmerizing personality, an inborn fighter with revolutionary thoughts will certainly be looked upon as he turns the value of money – a rupee into many folds and achieve the long-cherished dream of making India the number one country in the world.

Our Mission

  • Conduct research and bench mark the path to progress.
  • Continuously improve the performance based on the customer feedback.
  • Ensure that quality and quantity both are in focus while delivering our services.
  • Provide the latest training to the workforce in order to develop their inherent qualities and capabilities.
  • Employ the latest techniques based upon research conducted by others or in house and uplift the performance of the company.
  • Foster an association with all employees and customers empowering them to enlighten their lives.

Our Vision

  • A customer favoring atmosphere and business organization.
  • Become the best company in the world catering to the betterment of the whole mankind.
  • Develop the group to be the best performing conglomerate in the world.
  • Develop the human resource within the company to be the best work force in this world.
  • Become an inspiration to other entrepreneurs and successfully implement the words – “Nothing is Impossible, Everything is possible. [*Terms and Conditions Apply]”
  • Focus and develop the projects that are meaningful and purposeful to the whole mankind.
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