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The Right Decision

  • “The Right decision for your media”

    Each day dawns with various happenings in this world. The people are apprised of these happenings through the visual media or print media. Visual media comprising of various channels and print media in the form of papers and periodicals inform educate and entertain the people. They influence the people’s perspective and help them to form or change opinions based on the input or news put in front of them. As the media has grown to a separate entity which can report or comment on each and every thing, it has got unchallenged power to create, change or alter the common man’s opinion.

    In a developing country like India there are a number of issues like malnutrition, gender gap, education, poverty, unemployment, sanitation etc that needs to be addressed but does not appeal to the general public. In order to increase their TRPS and acceptance among the elites, media channels that are mushrooming every day are getting into a rat race pursuing sensational and appealing news. People will turn towards the media first to find out what is happening in their country and the wider world. The information gathered from the media plays a critical role in moulding people’s perceptions about places, issues and governance.

    Indian media has grown phenomenally following towards the post-independence era and today it comprises of more than 50,000 newspapers, hundreds of television and radio channels and other news transferring agencies. Because they control the minds of the masses and decide what’s correct, it gives a voice and a platform to each and every one. No one can deny the blessings of media in today’s world. The mass media helps people to remain informed and updated about the various news, events, social activists, life style, entertainment and advertisements irrespective of the geographical barriers.

    Over the years the media has become the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and vice versa. As the forth pillar of democracy along with judiciary, executive and legislature, media of today has an all-embracing role to act against injustice, oppression, misdeeds and partiality in our society .For example  the Nirbhaya rape case -shaping the public opinion in one of the most heinous crimes ever witnessed. Without media, even the news of the government schemes and benefits would never reach the target audience.

    But is this the common norm? Such actions are a rare phenomenon in today’s politicized media world.

    Kaipullies Communications, the media wing of the fast growing conglomerate- Safe And Strong Business Consultant Private Limited has embarked on the journey to bring back the lost glory of the media world. We are harping on and executing the need of the hour right news from the right people at the right time.

    We visualize media as sword arm of democracy, watch dog to protect public interests against malpractice and create public awareness. In Order to build up a nation free of hunger, disease, illiteracy and unemployment, we believe our media will play an important role. It’s important for us to expose the corrupt and the evil and it’s equally important to highlight the achievement and success.

    Kaipullies Communication: Where you get everything in the factual form.