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Real Education System

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    As J.J Rousseau once cited “Plants are developed by cultivation and men by education. Education is the most important discovery of Mankind which counts for the development of our civilization. It is important because it stimulates the curiosity in the young impressionable minds and equips them with tools to be better human beings.

    The children of today are to become the adult citizens of tomorrow. Education is instrumental in shaping ones personality and the way he or she deals with situations in life. Often we encounter many questions like what is education. How has it originated? Why education is necessary? What are the types of education?

    What are the different characteristics of education? It is the light which shows the path towards success, it’s the foundation of the existence of mankind which can also be defined as the process of acquiring knowledge, belief, value skill and habits which teaches us to be a true human being. Whatever we learn whether imposed or willingly comes under the domain of education.

  • A Wake Up Call for the Education System in India

    We believe that a major obstacle in providing real education is the unwillingness of teachers to communicate real values and convictions to students. They are ultimately responsible for their student’s future success. They need to reexamine how their children spend their time. But learning takes time. People are more likely to learn things they spend time on than those they don’t.

    This common-sense rule is known by anyone who has tried to master a difficult skill-from playing piano to swinging a cricket bat. We SSBC understands the only way to compact these values standoff is to develop these’ halls of ivy’ as distinctive coherent communities each based on a shared vision as well as shared goals.

  • Student’s now entering universities have benefitted from reforms. Ironically, they will be entering a learning environment based on unchanged measured outcomes. It reflects a regressive educational psychology.

    Students become machines to which teachers add components to enhance their capabilities and they come on a conveyor belt out of the factory undergoing tests that meets the specified outputs. Outcome based assessment doesn’t applies to real education. It reinforces teaching for assessment not learning for life.

  • SSBC Real Education System

    Our SSBC education system is based on PR2E education system, which means Praveen Rana’s Real education system. Rather than theoretical knowledge it is a practical education system which offers opportunities to students to think individually based on their own capabilities. Here the curriculum being followed is to provide sufficient scope for creative thinking.

    PR2E education system has come into existence to sort out the issues of the students not being able to fit into their respective work environment. A lot has been said and written on this point but nothing concrete has ever been done.

  • It’s an easy solution that can help the youth hit the ground running as soon as they are ready to enter the world of work: experience and develop themselves into greater heights.

    We inculcate the values of courage, patriotism, sympathy, service mindedness, loyalty, cooperation and tolerance to make his country noble. Here young minds are trained to do useful service in their trade or profession to manifest the power of work in the human brain and the human mind.

    In this joint [PR2E] they will master the true riches of life like love for the humanity, thinking or reasoning and acting according to the situation. Back here it’s a journey of converting a man to a better human being.

  • Four Pillared Structure

    Praveen Rana Real education system offers a four pillared structure which has essentials of life such as knowledge, values, and capabilities. We impart quality education for a sustainable, prosperous and peaceful future. The four pillars are as follows-:

    # Learning to Know: Our study is based on the concept of basics as well as general knowledge with the opportunity to work in specific areas. It also means learning to learn so as to benefit from the opportunities education provides throughout life.

    # Learning to Do: In order to acquire not only occupational skill but also, the competence to deal with many situations and work in teams.

    # Learning to Live Together: By developing an understanding of other people and an appreciation of interdependence in respect for the values of pluralism, mutual understanding and peace.

    # Learning to Transform: One’s Self and Society: We develop the ability and the will to integrate sustainable life styles for themselves and others.

  • About 300 million children and adolescents around the world don’t have the opportunity to enter or complete school. Some thwarted by poverty, some by discrimination, armed conflict, emergencies and the effects of climate change. Our objective is to extend a vision of education for generations present and generations to come by promising every student a ladder out of poverty and a path towards a promising future.