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Safe & Strong Engineers & Developers

  • A house is anybody’s and everybody’s dream. To fulfill this dream we spend sleepless nights and days. Now, what if the house is not as per our dream? This is the situation we can see in today’s world.

    All our savings and life is spent over making a house and then we have to compromise because the builders did not do a good job.

  • What We Do

    Safe and Strong Engineers and Developers is a concern which is involved in Total Civil Engineering Project Management. That is provide solutions to A to Z problems in Civil Engineering; be it commercial / residential building or any other civil engineering fields like roads, ports, tunnels, bridges, etc.

    With over 49 years of experience in construction, we are ready to take on the world of Civil Engineering with all the cylinders on full blast.

  • Vast experience coupled along with the apt personnel under our fold, you can rest assured that all your dreams will be fulfilled at a minimal cost.

    We have begun our journey in the God’s own country – Kerala. We are spreading our wings into the entire world. For Safe and Strong Engineers and Developers – the world is the market and our work area.

    Whatever happens in this world, Civil Engineering will always be a requirement in this world. Safe and Strong Engineers and Developers is a “Super Specialty Hospital” in the field of Civil Engineering – solutions for A – Z Problems.

  • As we all know, there are various things to be pondered upon and thought before a home is built. But our misfortune is that this is not done by most of the builders. Desperation and compromise is then what we all get in the end. Safe and Strong Engineers and Developers is a concern which has been promoted and is in existence to solve this issues.