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Demolishing Inequality

Well, how many of us are most successful in our lives? I don’t know others reply but mine will be “Am Not”., You will pursue the person who is most inspiring for your life in order to enhance your skills, knowledge, courage. Whenever I listen his words I feel that I can do anything in my life and I will be very happy. The person is none other than Praveen Rana. I am inspired by him by his speech in his latest video and the way he portrayed human race, uprooting all our superficial asymmetries and petty concepts of race, gender, nations, boundaries to the wind.

In this challenging business world, we have seen few people working to enhance others by their memoir and accomplishments they have fulfilled. He is a true heartening Indian who attained success in very short span of life. He is the person at the heels of many prosperous people. His vision is to ignite and inspire the spirit of tomorrow’s leaders and to help them flourish. He has given several speeches, which has renovated many lives and am sure you will also love this person once you hear his speeches.
The Kerala floods were inevitable .Rapid deforestation and unplanned development left Kerala vulnerable to flooding. The shattering rains left crores of properties and left thousands of people displaced. Across the state, in the face of catastrophe, solacing nod of religious harmony were displayed in our own “Gods own country”.
The places of religious worship threw open their doors to allow trembled and confused locals to take shelter. And it was not just efforts to house victims, after the rains descended, two groups of Muslim youths in Wayanad and Malappuram went on to clean temples in the districts on Monday after the rains. In Mannarkad, it was the Ayyappa temple that saw 20 Muslim youths cleaned the premises for more than 3 hours. We just happened to witness the time of unity and mutual love and everyone being in solidarity with the ones hit by disaster.
The subsidiary gesture of harmony was witnessed when a Christian cemetery allowed for the burial of a Hindu man in its premises .The loss suffered by the state in terms of agriculture, tourism, infrastructure will run into billions. Keralites outside the state and India also contributed generously and collected huge amounts of relief materials which were then sent to Kerala to help those in need.
Perhaps the fishermen produced the greatest humanitarian story during the floods. They are the ones who are being deprived of those opportune and choices that is essential for human development for a long healthy and creative life for a reasonable standard of living, for freedom, dignity, self respect and from others .They travelled all the way from Kollam and Alappuzha to Pathnamthitta to rescue the flood affected people through their distinctive initiative. So that suddenly people realize humanity should be the biggest religion for each and everyone.
In the latest video posted by Mr. Praveen Rana revealed how nature took initiative and contrived people to understand the importance of humanity and above all to understand each other’s problems. Even though the video left a flock of people bewildered in regard to the authentic meaning, what I understood was you can no more separate one life from another than you can separate a breeze from a wind. More over the video disclosed some vital information relating to the attitudes and believes of rising about inequality between rich and poor and its urgency to be addressed. We find it obnoxious that a few wealthy individuals own more than what half the population does. The video suggests that inequality seen today has the scope to become far more extreme and dispatching a strong message that conveys to prevent further inequality and stand firmly united against these kind of social injustice prevailing .
Inequality can lead to slower poverty reduction, undermine the sustainability of economic growth, and compound the inequalities between men and women and drive inequalities in health, education and life chances. Evidences have also stipulated that inequality is associated with a wide range of health and social problems, such as mental illness and violent crime. It’s happening when the resources in a given society are being distributed unevenly and can no longer be treated as an afterthought. So let us all join hands in one cause with Mr. Praveen Rana directly and indirectly to spread awareness and motivate people so that our future generation will no longer seem to some like an unfathomable gulf.