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The Art of Marketing

  • “The Art of Marketing”

    Human beings have few basic needs such as food,water, shelter and clothes. Some add education to it even though that’s a bit debatable.The real basic need after shelter is communication. Man being a social animal,Without communication there won’t be any exchange of ideas or thoughts.

    Being able to communicate using language gave the human species a distinct survival advantage. Marketing is just another name for communication mainly in the business context. Marketing is a traditional art and is every where. Formally or informally, people and organisations engage, in a vast number of activities that could be called as Marketing.

    Genuine marketing has become an increasingly vital ingredient for business success. It is embedded in everything we do from the clothes we wear to the websites we click on to the adds we see. We at Safe and Strong Pvt Ltd work with a definite vision, passion and experience which usually propels us to see an abiding plan for the entire customers we meet.

    Our business reputation is immense on the grounds that we are the catalyst in the process of our customers reaping rich harvest against their commited labor. We know deep down our customers want to reach for the stars and our job is to get them there.

    We have realized tremendous benefits in expanding our business beyond borders which includes increasing brand awareness, diversifying the revenue stream and exposing ourselves to international methods. Now a days you need to sell yourself to get a job or even to run a house hold.

    Our marketing concepts are straight forward, and they are relevant to every part of our company.We do identify as well as satisfy the needs of the customers.

    The brand image within Safe and Strong which was developed due to the great innovation has been transformed into a brand value effecting the customers due to the active interaction currently being done. A brand value which was only in the background has been brought forth to the customers benefit which has infact transformed the whole customer lot.

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The Right Decision

  • “The Right decision for your media”

    Each day dawns with various happenings in this world. The people are apprised of these happenings through the visual media or print media. Visual media comprising of various channels and print media in the form of papers and periodicals inform educate and entertain the people. They influence the people’s perspective and help them to form or change opinions based on the input or news put in front of them. As the media has grown to a separate entity which can report or comment on each and every thing, it has got unchallenged power to create, change or alter the common man’s opinion.

    In a developing country like India there are a number of issues like malnutrition, gender gap, education, poverty, unemployment, sanitation etc that needs to be addressed but does not appeal to the general public. In order to increase their TRPS and acceptance among the elites, media channels that are mushrooming every day are getting into a rat race pursuing sensational and appealing news. People will turn towards the media first to find out what is happening in their country and the wider world. The information gathered from the media plays a critical role in moulding people’s perceptions about places, issues and governance.

    Indian media has grown phenomenally following towards the post-independence era and today it comprises of more than 50,000 newspapers, hundreds of television and radio channels and other news transferring agencies. Because they control the minds of the masses and decide what’s correct, it gives a voice and a platform to each and every one. No one can deny the blessings of media in today’s world. The mass media helps people to remain informed and updated about the various news, events, social activists, life style, entertainment and advertisements irrespective of the geographical barriers.

    Over the years the media has become the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and vice versa. As the forth pillar of democracy along with judiciary, executive and legislature, media of today has an all-embracing role to act against injustice, oppression, misdeeds and partiality in our society .For example  the Nirbhaya rape case -shaping the public opinion in one of the most heinous crimes ever witnessed. Without media, even the news of the government schemes and benefits would never reach the target audience.

    But is this the common norm? Such actions are a rare phenomenon in today’s politicized media world.

    Kaipullies Communications, the media wing of the fast growing conglomerate- Safe And Strong Business Consultant Private Limited has embarked on the journey to bring back the lost glory of the media world. We are harping on and executing the need of the hour right news from the right people at the right time.

    We visualize media as sword arm of democracy, watch dog to protect public interests against malpractice and create public awareness. In Order to build up a nation free of hunger, disease, illiteracy and unemployment, we believe our media will play an important role. It’s important for us to expose the corrupt and the evil and it’s equally important to highlight the achievement and success.

    Kaipullies Communication: Where you get everything in the factual form.

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You Are in Secured Hands

  • Safe and Strong Nidhi Ltd

    Reaching retirement is a blessing as well as a curse. After decades of following other peoples rule you will get to live the way you want. You know logically that you are retiring from work, not life, but it doesn’t sense like that. What is the reason for this? As you work through these emotions, it is important to remember that life after retirement can be anything that you want it to be. You have realized the freedom to chart your own course. But, freedom comes with responsibility. Nobody is going to tell you how to get the most from life. It’s up you to decide which passions to pursue, which people to have in your life and which places to visit. At the same time, while we need to make our own decisions, it is often helpful to see how to get the most from life after retirement.

    What makes retirement a time to relish and savor life is financial stability. Saving money is worth the effort. It gives you peace of mind and the money you save gives you options, and the more you save, easier it becomes to accumulate additional savings. Who hasn’t been awake at 2.00 a.m. wondering how to afford something they needed later in life. The money thoughts that keep you up at night might center on playing for your kids to go to college or having enough money to retire.

    Modern family is a typical example of nuclear family. Soon after the marriage, the children leave their parental home and get organized to their separate house hold. Hence a nuclear family is an autonomous unit free from the control of others. The physical distance thus created reduces the dependency and availability of a “helping hand” which in turn throws up the requirement of having a smart saving plan to meet the extremities of life.

    To put it in simple words Safe and Strong Nidi LTD investment plans are the best financial instruments which help one create a secured life. Be it funding your child’s education, a special occasion like marriage, battling an unexpected injury or gaining an access to steady flow of income at retirement. Our well-structured investment plans can assist you in accumulating wealth so that you are always ready to meet life’s key milestones and daunting challenges, without having to give up on your financial stability.

    Besides Safe and Strong Nidhi Limited there are other revenue generation options such as real estate and gold that may show spike in prices after a long stagnation period. However, these markets are volatile, so they can easily lag behind. Safe and Strong Nidhi Limited does understand its customers and safeguard their interests with good management of their funds and provision of higher returns. We welcome you to get associated with our group of companies with diversified operations, so that in near future our relationship can be pleasant, profitable and mutually beneficial.

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Real Education System

  • Safe and Strong Academy

    “Where Theory Meets Practice”

    “We Develop Leaders, Who Develop People, Who Develop Our Country”

    As J.J Rousseau once cited “Plants are developed by cultivation and men by education. Education is the most important discovery of Mankind which counts for the development of our civilization. It is important because it stimulates the curiosity in the young impressionable minds and equips them with tools to be better human beings.

    The children of today are to become the adult citizens of tomorrow. Education is instrumental in shaping ones personality and the way he or she deals with situations in life. Often we encounter many questions like what is education. How has it originated? Why education is necessary? What are the types of education?

    What are the different characteristics of education? It is the light which shows the path towards success, it’s the foundation of the existence of mankind which can also be defined as the process of acquiring knowledge, belief, value skill and habits which teaches us to be a true human being. Whatever we learn whether imposed or willingly comes under the domain of education.

  • A Wake Up Call for the Education System in India

    We believe that a major obstacle in providing real education is the unwillingness of teachers to communicate real values and convictions to students. They are ultimately responsible for their student’s future success. They need to reexamine how their children spend their time. But learning takes time. People are more likely to learn things they spend time on than those they don’t.

    This common-sense rule is known by anyone who has tried to master a difficult skill-from playing piano to swinging a cricket bat. We SSBC understands the only way to compact these values standoff is to develop these’ halls of ivy’ as distinctive coherent communities each based on a shared vision as well as shared goals.

  • Student’s now entering universities have benefitted from reforms. Ironically, they will be entering a learning environment based on unchanged measured outcomes. It reflects a regressive educational psychology.

    Students become machines to which teachers add components to enhance their capabilities and they come on a conveyor belt out of the factory undergoing tests that meets the specified outputs. Outcome based assessment doesn’t applies to real education. It reinforces teaching for assessment not learning for life.

  • SSBC Real Education System

    Our SSBC education system is based on PR2E education system, which means Praveen Rana’s Real education system. Rather than theoretical knowledge it is a practical education system which offers opportunities to students to think individually based on their own capabilities. Here the curriculum being followed is to provide sufficient scope for creative thinking.

    PR2E education system has come into existence to sort out the issues of the students not being able to fit into their respective work environment. A lot has been said and written on this point but nothing concrete has ever been done.

  • It’s an easy solution that can help the youth hit the ground running as soon as they are ready to enter the world of work: experience and develop themselves into greater heights.

    We inculcate the values of courage, patriotism, sympathy, service mindedness, loyalty, cooperation and tolerance to make his country noble. Here young minds are trained to do useful service in their trade or profession to manifest the power of work in the human brain and the human mind.

    In this joint [PR2E] they will master the true riches of life like love for the humanity, thinking or reasoning and acting according to the situation. Back here it’s a journey of converting a man to a better human being.

  • Four Pillared Structure

    Praveen Rana Real education system offers a four pillared structure which has essentials of life such as knowledge, values, and capabilities. We impart quality education for a sustainable, prosperous and peaceful future. The four pillars are as follows-:

    # Learning to Know: Our study is based on the concept of basics as well as general knowledge with the opportunity to work in specific areas. It also means learning to learn so as to benefit from the opportunities education provides throughout life.

    # Learning to Do: In order to acquire not only occupational skill but also, the competence to deal with many situations and work in teams.

    # Learning to Live Together: By developing an understanding of other people and an appreciation of interdependence in respect for the values of pluralism, mutual understanding and peace.

    # Learning to Transform: One’s Self and Society: We develop the ability and the will to integrate sustainable life styles for themselves and others.

  • About 300 million children and adolescents around the world don’t have the opportunity to enter or complete school. Some thwarted by poverty, some by discrimination, armed conflict, emergencies and the effects of climate change. Our objective is to extend a vision of education for generations present and generations to come by promising every student a ladder out of poverty and a path towards a promising future.

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Engineering Your Dreams With Us

  • Dreams are the succession of images, ideas and emotions. Dreamers are ultimately the experts of their own dreams. Only dreamers know their unique association with houses. A house from a dream psychology perspective represents “thy self”. It is the likeness of our own spiritual growth and objectives. A dream featuring an engineer indicates new things are about to happen in your daily life.

    The first and most important reason for owning your home is simply to have a place called home. A home is more than just a building. It’s a place where you feel safe and a place that is yours. It reflects your personality and binds a family together. It is a sensation of peace on a cozy, rainy Sunday; the feeling of relief when you pull out into the driveway after a long trip. Its a place where comforts are defined by simple blissful moments.

  • What We Do

    Engineers are deep thinkers and problem solvers. They are a unique breed of human beings who knows how to optimize their productivity and work flow. It is a profession that requires constant teamwork. Watching an engineer work can symbolize your feelings of peace and harmony. An engineer with a ruler or tape measure is a sign you will have new challenges to deal with in your waking life.

    In this industry, there are two types of builders. The first type of builders are those who create concrete jungles which is perceived as unpleasant and vice versa contributing to the global warming. Where ever we look we see these jungles.

  • What are we to do? We are becoming part of a place we do not want to become part of. But do we realize that? Wouldn’t you rather live in a place where the space goes beyond our imagination, a place of peace and harmony, a place we can look forward to the next day?

    The next category of builders represents us. We SSBC Engineers and developers can create unique spaces and work with you so that you get your dream home, will not only be a place for you to live, but also one that fits your style and tastes. We are willing to take on any project or the one that specializes in your type of home.

  • Why Us ?

    We are possessing a good reputation in the market and an excellent track record. Throughout our history we have succeeded by providing a wide range of solutions to our clients and delivering a whole lot of quality work. We are experts in every field relating to construction because we are passionate about our work.

    SSBC Has Heart Of Its Own

    Our homes are more than financial assets. They have deep emotional meaning. Start planning how you are going to own a home again today. A person’s heart will always be at home. This means that their love affection and fond memories will always be tied to the place that we live. There is no therapy or medicine like sharing meaningful time at a place where you feel peace and comfortable.

  • Our Mission

    The mission of SSBC Engineers and developers is to deliver our customers service requests as they are visualized completely and efficiently. We create abiding relations with our customers through purity genuineness and purpose. We direct your memories to where they are welcome. Sometimes, a shack can symbolize better value than a five bedroom apartment. It can indicate a better care and respect for your mind.

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Demolishing Inequality

Well, how many of us are most successful in our lives? I don’t know others reply but mine will be “Am Not”., You will pursue the person who is most inspiring for your life in order to enhance your skills, knowledge, courage. Whenever I listen his words I feel that I can do anything in my life and I will be very happy. The person is none other than Praveen Rana. I am inspired by him by his speech in his latest video and the way he portrayed human race, uprooting all our superficial asymmetries and petty concepts of race, gender, nations, boundaries to the wind.

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