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Safe & Strong Academy

  • A country’s growth is measured in various ways. One of them is the number of unemployed people in the country. Unfortunately, India, among other countries too is job finder facing this growing menace. We can attribute the reason for this scenario as having a flawed education system.

    The current education system dwells more on theoretical knowledge. If a person has to develop / implement his / her skill, practical experience is required.

  • What We Do

    Safe and Strong Academy focuses on Practical Education System. The quality of our practical and technical skill development depends on adequate resourcing, confident and complete teaching.

    We are providing a caring and well-structured learning environment. Safe and Strong Academy promotes high standard achievements for all and also empower all students to apply their skills and knowledge, to rely upon their chosen educational goals.

  • Safe and Strong Academy is planning for expansion of their services worldwide as we can see this trend not only in India, but all through the world.

    Safe and Strong Academy will be establishing their centers all around the world to provide education through this revolutionary method which is the need of the работа найти hour. Safe and Strong Academy – an institution for the future, has a policy of:


    Do and Learn; Learn and Do


    Improve the Education System


    Reduce Unemployment


    Skill Enhancement of Youth

  • We can see currently a lot of professionals are being churned out year after year who neither contributes anything to the economy nor is capable of performing their duties.

    In the current scenario, we are facing two types of unemployed youths – educated and uneducated. The only solution to this problem is “Practical Based Education System”. Basically education system in India needs substantial improvement.