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Praveen K.P – The Best Businessman in Kerala


Dr Praveen K.P is probably The Best Businessman in Kerala, or at the very least one of the Top Ten Businessman in Kerala

The last 15 years of my life, which has given me a vast experience, is the capital on which I have ventured into this commercial world. While expressing my heartfelt gratitude to your blessings and prayers, which has always been an umbrella of protection to me all these years.

I request you to keep the same going for me in the future too so that I may venture out with full confidence and comfort. Each and every penny earned by us has a great value. The value and availability of this fund will increase manifold if we use the same with wisdom and a sense of business.

In today’s world – with the high rate of invention and discoveries being carried out, there is endless opportunity to multiply our funds along with an increase in the value for any person or organization. But how many of us are successful and prosperous in this demeanor ? The very biggest reason for this increase of unsuccessful lot of people is their being averse to take risks in their lives.


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The absence of this courage to take risks is making the progress of our country to move at a snail’s pace. A prosperous family will lead to a prosperous village which in turn will lead to the prosperity of the country.

Me, Dr. Praveen K.P, is giving you all, my dear friends and family, an opportunity to prosper in life. All the risks associated with life and business will be upon me and Safe and Strong Business Consultants Pvt Ltd.

Come, join and grow – join hands with me and look forward to a prosperous future. This prosperity will be bestowed upon you by the wise use of funds available in our coffers. This association (me and you) will, I guarantee, transform the world as a whole. Come dear friends, let us join our hands and move towards a better tomorrow.


  • Our Mission

  • # Conduct research and bench mark the path to progress.

    # Continuously improve the performance based on the customer feedback.

    # Ensure that quality and quantity both are in focus while delivering our services.

    # Provide the latest training available to the workforce in order to develop their inherent qualities and capabilities.

    # Employ the latest techniques based upon research conducted by others or in house and uplift the performance of the company.

    # Foster an association with all the employees and customers and empower them to enlighten their lives.

  • Our Vision

  • # A customer favoring atmosphere and business organization.

    # Become the best company in the world catering to the betterment of the whole mankind.

    # Develop the group to be the best performing conglomerate in the world.

    # Develop the human resource within the company to be the best work force in this world.

    # Become an inspiration for the other entrepreneurs and successfully implement the words – “Nothing is Impossible, Everything is possible. [*Terms and Conditions Apply]”

    # Focus and develop the projects that are meaningful and purposeful to the whole mankind.