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  • Multi Business Operations Under Single Umbrella
  • Few Glimpses of
    SSBC Pvt Ltd
  • Who We Are

  • Safe and Strong Pvt. Ltd, has been promoted to develop business avenues, set business standards and create business opportunities at various level. This can inspire those who are ambitious and aspiring to put their efforts in business in one way or other way.

    SSBC is the Best Business Consultancy Company in Kerala, India

    A centralized Administrative and Marketing system is in its place for proper execution of Companies policies and services. Safe and Strong Pvt. Ltd possesses professionals and trained staff of high Caliber, ensuring dedicated and diligent services.

    We touch your everyday lives. Our business diversification has been designed and arrived upon after years of research. Our group covers the requirement of your everyday life – be it your dream house, your children’s career and future (based on education), your right to information or your environmental needs.

  • What We Do

  • Our group consists of various organizations which have been developed purely based on rigorous research conducted over the years.

    SSBC; The Best Business Consultancy Company in Kerala, India; offering Business Consultancy, Finance, Engineering and Academic modular operations for our clients.

    We have taken various bench marks in the work which has been established over the years and re-constructed them to suit our business activities. We ensure that all the requirements of our customers are met with the highest amount of quality and satisfaction.

  • Our Business Modules

  • Our Values

  • # Customers – The first priority is always given to our customers. We believe in parallel growth with our customers.

    # People – We treat everyone with dignity and equality. Employee development is our main cynosure.

    # Sustainability – We have a culture of attaining operational excellence involving the best working practice with highest importance for safeness.

    # Values – Our projects are mostly executed out with nobility, righteousness and rectitude.